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The Amiga Workbench Project

What is it about ?

First and foremost, this is a preservation project. Workbench are a significant part of the Commodore Amiga History such as the Kickstart roms. This is more or less like having the original MS Windows or Mac OS in their original factory state lost forever.
This initiative came from the observation that many of the Commodore Workbench adf images floating around the web for years were made without paying attention whether they came from unaltered or unmodified disks or faithful to their original factory state. For example, very few images contained in the TOSEC project are marked as being verified.
Obviously also, just by the passage of time these software are affected by the gradual deterioration of the media that stores them. First Amiga 1000 disks are now more than 30 years old and time is running out to track down original, unaltered and above all readable disks.
This project is based on an original idea from this original thread started by Supamax on the English Amiga Board.
What you will find on this website is only information about the floppies that contained the Workbench and Kickstart software such as part numbers, Version and revision data, year, country and above all CRC data for dumps and the status for these dumps.

How ?

My method is pretty straightforward: getting back to the original and physical media and dump them on a real Amiga. At this stage, there is no need to dump the Workbench disks through Kryoflux since these disks are not copy protected.
One disk dump with a given part number gives a certain CRC. If another dump of the same disk gives the same CRC then the dump can be marked as verified and green flagged. In some cases, when a disk gives a CRC that matches an earlier dump available on the web (i.e. TOSEC), the dump can be marked as verified.
If not, it is marked as a candidate (orange flagged) and its CRC is added to the candidate list. This list can be very long since disks might have been altered throughout the years. Should and the next dump for a given disk matches one of the previously CRCs then it can be green flagged.

Can I download adf images from your site ?

No. Because it would be illegal and because it is simply not the purpose of the site.Here is legal the situation of the Workbench:

  •   1. Workbench is a registered trademark of Cloanto Italia srl in Italy and other countries.
  •   2. Cloanto owns the copyrights for all works created by the Commodore/Amiga companies up to 1993.
  •   3. Hyperion Entertainment holds an exclusive, world-wide, perpetual source-code license to the intellectual property of AmigaOS 3.1.

Having said that, if you want to purchase a legal set of new physical or downloaded disks, go to Cloanto’s Amiga Forever website.

Can I help ?

If you are an Amiga collector, you are most welcome to send your CRC data coming from your OWN floppies dumps. Sending a pic of the floppy would also be greatly appreciated.
I personnaly use TSGui to produce my own dumps. These have to be UNCOMPRESSED dumps, no DMS. Dumps must been made in .adf format.
You can also send me your physical media if you want.

If you want to share your findings or notice any error in this list feel free to update the specific thread on EAB

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